Oct 26, 2008

The Do Lectures - A Website Which Inspires, Simply.

TheDoLectures Sometimes the efficacy of the internet is brought to us by some simple but thoughtful sites. And it’s a delight when it's serendipitous. One such little nugget is TheDoLectures.com. It's just about the 'do'. It's a site which was born out of a dinner table conversation between >David and Clare Hieatt. I wish I had such bright sparks of inspiration while chewing the cud. The site is simply about bringing some of the doers of the world onto the podium and let them share their insights with the whole wide world. And refreshingly it's not about the big 'do's'...the ones in the shadow of the limelight but with an achievement to boast of, also take the stage.

They share their knowledge, the wisdom and their individual visions. I took in some of the lectures...The one by Andy Kirkpatrick was great to say the least. Not verbose, not dull and definitely not without a lesson. Andy Kirkpatrick by the way is a climber. Not a social one but something far more exceptional - he does it on some of the world's highest mountains. He talks about three fears - fear of the heights, fear of snakes and fear of the unknown. Through the metaphor of the mountain and his climb he describes his 'ascent' out of the fears, beautifully.

The site is all about such people, known and unknown but with balls of fire. And the common thread through all the videos of their talks and presentations is there effort to rub off all that pep on us. So without further ado, head over to the site and talk a look for yourself. Perhaps, you will find something to think (and do) about.
The only requirement when you visit the site is of course a browser with Flash Player 9 plug-in, a net connection and an interested ear.

I would like to thank Aibek over at MakeUseOf.com for this piece of serendipity.


Here’s the lecture by Andy: