Jan 11, 2010

Will Smith’s 12 Words of Inspiration

Will Smith – actor, rapper, producer, successful idol…speaks on the things that have inspired his journey.


While I am skeptical of words of wisdom spouted by celebrities, sometimes we ought to take them seriously. For the mere fact that, they are successes and successes always has something to teach us. But again, in the case of Will Smith, I really admire the man. He has consistently walked the talk, be it his succssful journey towards stardom or his personal life (He is married to Jada-Pinkett Smith since 1997). So, it wasn’t an eye strain to hear him speak about his rules for life in this YouTube video.



Here are his 12 rules for life -

  1. Greatness exists in all of us.
  2. Yes, life can be easy if we let it be.
  3. There is greatness in all of us.
  4. Lay one brick at a time.
  5. Focus on making a difference.
  6. Represent an idea…represent possibilities.
  7. You HAVE to BELIEVE in yourself.
  8. Nothing is unrealistic.
  9. Our thoughts are physical.
  10. You really got to focus.
  11. Attack your fears.
  12. Be willing to die for the truth.


Of al the points, the eleventh one got ingrained the most. Attack your fears…fear is what reins in all our dreams and we should always attempt to let go of our fears.

Let me know what you think of these 12 points and which one is the most applicable to your life.

Video Credit: themindguru