Oct 11, 2007

Good Mornings and Good News

Why is it that bad news is so prominently highlighted and the good ones relegated to the inside pages? This is a question I have always asked myself . The morning brings with it hope and fresh promises. But the morning papers brings death, accidents, robbery and general despair. A cursory glance at today's paper ...and their it was again. Line after byline giving away information on the bad and the ugly. The good was conspicuous by its absence. I had to turn three or four pages to arrive at the first bit of positive news. Is their so much wrong with the today of our world.? I honestly wonder...
That is why perhaps the odd human victory makes for compelling reading. Why don't we gravitate towards it more.?Why don't we have some positive press?
The answer perhaps lies in what we seek...we shall find. The old Biblical statement.
(Of course the correct one is:“Seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.”)
Lately, as a result, I have started reading the papers from the back pages...closer to the sports columns which at least give me some semblance of positive news.
Consciously, now I have started to develop a positive attitude especialy when I step outside the comfort zone of my home. This blog is also an attempt to seek out all that is positive in this world. Life may not be all rosy...but I guess it pays sometimes to just pause and smell the roses.

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